Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Irby & Jessica | Lubbock, Texas Engagement Photographer

Linda + Jessica = BFFE! Yup, I said it. I've known Jessica since elementary school. Which also makes writing this blog post even more difficult. Ugh, Jessica, your going to make me cry! How do I explain how big my heart is for the both of you?

Since I'm not good with putting my feelings into words I'm just very grateful I'm able to put my feelings into my photographs. Memories that will last this couple a lifetime. I can't wait for their wedding in Puerto Vallarta this coming July.

Photograph Your World®!


 Sidenote: We went back to Jessica's old house here in Lubbock and asked the current owner if we could use the front porch for some of the session. This is where Irby proposed.

 Irby and Jessica both graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Photography! True artists!

Dillon & Ashley Spradley | Lubbock, Texas Wedding Photographer

I met Ashley back in December of 2010 at Cavender's. As we were waiting on a price to be checked...Ashley and I started talking (Its what girls do best) and one thing lead to the other and I gave her my business card.

I was so excited when I received an email from Ashley asking me to do her and Dillon's Christmas pictures. I remember the drive to the last location Ashley was telling me about how she thinks Dillon's going to propose (don't worry, Dillon wasn't in the car with us). My heart just gushed hearing this story and seeing how excited Ashley was just saying it.

Not to long after I received THE email from Ashley. Dillon had popped the question! The wedding planning had already begun and I was thrilled when asked to be a part of it.

Photograph Your World®!


Ashley made all the details for their wedding!

Dillon and Ashley are amazing dancers!

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Family

I can't stress the importance of having your family photos taken. I completely understand it's hard to get the family together at one time but making the photo happen is I sound like a Hallmark card yet?

This image obviously isn't your typical "lets put this image on the Christmas card" image. However, this particular shot can speak for itself. With all the chaos in transition I find that this image brings a smile to my face, a BIG smile. I mean after all, isn't that what "Photograph Your World®" is all about?

These people are my world and I feel very blessed and proud to call them my family.

Photograph Your World®!


And just for the record, we did manage to get a few normal shots too :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ryan & Jill Lellis | Lubbock, Texas Family Photographer

These two. Are perfect for each other. They're perfect for me too!!!! My camera just loved them and their little dogs too!

Photograph Your World®!


 That's some good Tilt-Shift love'n right there!

Love this one of Ryan. So GQ! 
 This just makes me smile.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Irby & Jessica | Sneak Peek

Twin Lens + Kodak Retina = More images coming soon!

Photograph Your World®!


(please do not crop image)

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Cornwell Family | Lubbock, Texas Family Photographer

This family is no stranger to my blog. Every time I get to be around the Cornwells I just want to take them home with me!
I also can't forget to mention the new addition to the Cornwell Family, Barrett. Such a sweet blessing! Just look at those cheeks!

Photograph Your World®!

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